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How BitOps works

BitOps is a boiler plate docker image for DevOps work. An operations repository is mounted to a bitops image's /opt/bitops_deployment directory. BitOps will

  • Auto-detect any configuration belonging to one of its supported tools
  • Loop through each tool and
    • Run any pre-execute hooks
    • Read in yml configuration
    • Execute the tool
    • Run any post-execute hooks

Run BitOps

BitOps is packaged as a docker image and is available on dockerhub.

docker pull bitovi/bitops
docker run bitovi/bitops -v $(pwd):/opt/bitops_deployment

Configure BitOps

BitOps is configured in 3 steps:

  1. Select your environment
  2. Configure aceess to your cloud provider
  3. Configure how you want your deployment tools to execute

Get Started

Supported Tools

Supported Cloud Providers

Support / Contributing

We welcome any contributions from the community with open arms. Take a look at our Contributing guide.

Come hangout with us on Slack!

Release History

See Releases.


MIT License.