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Base Configuration

Each deployment tool is traditionally controlled with a set of cli arguments. Instead of defining arguments within your pipeline configuration, they can instead either be defined with environment variables or in a bitops.config.yml file. While the core schema for a bitops.config.yml file is common betwen tools, the specific properties and environment variable equivilants vary from tool to tool.

Base Schema

All bitops.config.yml files share the following structure

  cli: {}
  options: {}
* $tool - identifies the deployment tool * cli - object that contains cli arguments * options - object that offers additional control over how a tool executes

Common Configuration

There are some global configuration options that are shared among all tools and cloud providers in a bitops run. These are set via environment variables


  • Environment Variable: ENVIRONMENT
  • default: ""
  • required: yes

Each bitops run is done against a single environment. This property tells bitops which environment to run. For more information on environments, see Operations Repo Structure.


  • Environment Variable: KUBECONFIG_BASE64
  • default: ""
  • required: no

Base64 encoded kubeconfig file. Allows deployment tools to interact with a kubernetes cluster


  • Environment Variable: DEBUG
  • default: ""
  • required: no

If true, will enable verbose logging


  • Environment Variable: BITOPS_DEFAULT_REPLACE
  • default: false

If true, file mergers will replace instead of create a copy during a merge


  • Environment Variable: SKIP_IF_NO_ENVIRONMENT_CHANGES
  • default: ""
  • required: no

If nonempty, will evaluate the git diff to see if there are any changes in the specified ENVIRONMENT and will exit 0 if not.

Cloud Providers

Tool Configuration