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How to Contribute

We'd love to accept your patches and contributions to this project. There are just a few small guidelines you need to follow.

When you are ready to get started developing, see our development guide for how to get started!

Developer Certificate of Origin

To contribute to this project, you must agree to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) for each commit you make. The DCO is a simple statement that you, as a contributor, have the legal right to make the contribution.

See the DCO file for the full text of what you must agree to.

To signify that you agree to the DCO for a commit, you add a line to the git commit message:

Signed-off-by: Jane Smith <>

In most cases, you can add this signoff to your commit automatically with the -s flag to git commit. You must use your real name and a reachable email address (sorry, no pseudonyms or anonymous contributions).

Code reviews All submissions, including submissions by project members, require review. We use GitHub pull requests for this purpose.