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Meetup Content

At meetups, we'll go over how to build things and use certain features of CanJS. Here's what we've done in past meetups.

Building TodoMVC

Check out the video and follow along as Justin explains how to build TodoMVC in CanJS. This covers topics like two-way binding and building an application using can.Component.

Map and List

Here's a preview of what's happening in upcoming meetups. Through building an ATM, we demonstrate using can.Map and can.List to model application state.


Here’s an overview of can.Component and a hello world example:

The end of the hello world example:

JS Bin

And, an in-depth treatment of each of can.Component’s APIs:

The template modal example:

JS Bin

The scope fancy counter example:

JS Bin

The instantiate cross binding example:

JS Bin

Example showing using events to animate elements:

JS Bin

The helpers isEditing example:

JS Bin


Here’s an overview of can.route and a tabs example:

The single tabs exercise:

JS Bin

The historyTabs jQuery plugin:

JS Bin

Sponsors and Organizers


Organizer: Dick Williams

Dick Williams is a Senior Software Engineer at Cengage. He likes CanJS because it turned the spaghetti code of his JavaScript into a lasagna of goodness. And, with FuncUnit, he got a tasty sprinkling of functional testing on top of it all.


Organizer: Chris Klanac

Chris is a senior web programmer and team manager at Cars.com with over 15 years developing web applications and 10 years experience as team lead/manager. He has expert knowledge with Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, including JSON, Geolocation, Local Storage, Canvas, Video and WebSockets.

Organizer: Nate Johnson

Nate is a JavaScript developer at Cars.com. He is a motivated, self-starting and resourceful technology professional with firm qualifications and practical experience in software engineering, software development and project management.


Ft. Lauderdale

Los Angeles

New York

Organizer: Dan Connor

Dan is a consultant who works in new-media and web development consulting with businesses, artists, and corporations to create scalable, maintainable web applications with a focus on the browser as architecture. He lived in San Francisco, Vancouver, and Minneapolis and currently resides in New York City. Applications that fit the way product development thinks about products is how he tries to build applications: as interchangeable, loosely composed components that can be moved around and swapped out without major refactoring. Dan favors modular JavaScript as well as modular markup/CSS. On the back end he generally uses Rails or NodeJS.


Organizer: Steele Price

Steele Price has been professionally designing and developing databases and Line of Business interfaces to them since 1983. Software development has not only been his primary source of income since; it is his passion. Many of his software development processes grew to fruition by seeing a business or consumer need and working diligently to fulfill that need with a real application. When you love to do something it invades every aspect of your life. Recently he has focused on the Semantic Web, HTML5 and cross-platform Web Enabled solutions. Since 2005 he has been consecutively awarded as a Microsoft MVP, an annual award given to exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge. His current tool set for Line of Business Applications is CanJS, Microsoft WebAPI, RavenDB and Microsoft Azure.


San Francisco

Organizer: Bradley Momberger

Bradley worked with Brian and Justin at Cengage Learning. He's a fantastic developer who's amazing at finding Mustache bugs. Bradly is a CanJS enthusiast, using it as his main framework at Reciprocity Labs.


Organizer: Kyle Buckingham

Kyle is a Seattle front-end developer who currently develops for a single page Javascript application built on top of CanJS and NodeJS. He is a big believer in using tools with community support that make incredible products that exceed expectations.

Silicon Valley

Zagreb, Croatia

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For People

If you're in the area of one of these meetups, the first thing to do is to signup for meetup.com and attend the event. If you want to give a talk on something or help plan future meetups, contact the organizer on the meetup page. If you need starter material or have questions, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

If you don't live near one of these cities, create a new CanJS meetup! As long as you have an open-invite event, no matter how small, Bitovi will provide you montly workshop and training material. Once you get over 15 people coming to your meetup, someone from Bitovi will come out. If you are outside the US, we will also come out, but when we can schedule a few meetups at once in the general area.

For Organizations

If you're part of a company that's using CanJS, you can sponsor the meetup by hosting the meetup or purchasing food and drink for attendees. Organizations can also start CanJS meetups.

Sponsor organizations get Bitovi's training and lecture material and their logo listed on the meetup page.

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